• Hoist and Tower Crane Studies
  • 4D Phasing
  • Health and Safety VR
  • 4500 activity schedule represented

“Communication of information is key on complex projects. With the development in BIM across the construction industry, the team at Battersea has found VR to be a powerful tool to achieve this.

For people that are unfamiliar to the project, navigating through a 1:1 scale model can quickly familiarise them with the logistics. For the engineers and project managers that have intricate knowledge, it provides a different perspective to analyse the design and a tool to highlight issues.”

John Moran, Skanska Planning Engineer

An icon of British architecture currently being restored to house over 2 million ft2 of retail, leisure, offices and hew homes. The Power Station will open in 2020.

Freeform were appointed by Skanska to support logistics planning using both 4D modelling and detailed Virtual Reality scenario testing. With 17 tower cranes, 42 hoists and 14 phases of access arrangements, the 4D+VR models needed to be accurate, detailed and robust.

Working closely with the project team and holding regular 4D and VR workshops, the model quickly provided insight not available using 2D plans and Gantt charts. By placing the 4D model in the HTC Vive, the team were able to quickly navigate the logistics plans at 1:1 real scale. This lead to improved plans, improved communication and earlier testing of the logistics and schedule.