Canary Wharf Crossrail Station

Freeform is an established provider of 4D modelling services. We supply market leading 4D models and implementation planning. In our 7 years of operating we have built a portfolio ranging across the breadth and depth of UK infrastucture and building projects. Our core values include :-



We continue to extend the functionality and application of 4D modelling to suit each new project’s particular requirements. Micro-planning, supply chain and delivery route mapping have been used on recent projects. We have also embedded site photos and fabrication histograms within the 4D models to assist in the communication of the construction sequence.


Our key measure of a model's success is the clarity with which the construction strategy is described. After 7 years and over 70 projects delivered, we have learnt much about how to best articulate a sequence of works.  Expert use of cameras, level of detail, colours, keys, cutting planes and filters add to the value and flexibility of our models.


Our models are 'hand-built' by expert 3D and 4D modellers.  Our collective backgrounds are engineering and construction, and as such we offer models with a high level of precision and construction sense.


Crucial to a model's value is the level of detail.  We often build a separate, detailed model of key sequences or focus on a typical cycle of a repeated activity.  This allows the installation or cycle to be fully understood and developed alongside the main construction model.